May Melt – 9 Day System

It is important to understand how many people think these days. They want quick solutions. They want astonishing, but easy results. Not thinking long-term, they would as soon make a single sale that brings in a substantial amount of money rather than do the work necessary to establish long-term, residual, growing wealth.

9 Day System

Reduce your pant size 1-2 sizes in 9 Days!

AND THAT’S OK! We’re not going to change anybody’s way of thinking overnight, so an alternative approach is to go ahead and appeal to that kind of thinking. Enter the Isagenix 9 Day System. While I much prefer to help people commit to their long-term health, a 9 Day is appealing due to the duration of the weight loss plan, not to mention the lowered cost relative to other systems.

Whether it’s May Melt or June Jump Start, (and I’m sure we could conjure up catchy labels for any other month) labeling the initiative helps to keep it fun and memorable. Listen to this call from 05.01.17 to hear some great tips for garnering interest, in particular with Facebook and Instagram. You can also PM (private message) or email a Candidate with the graphic you see above. It’s a great time of the year for someone to shed 4-18 lbs and a pant size or two just in time for bathing suit weather!

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Make It Happen – Tim Darnell

This 50 minute audio talks about some of the things Isagenix Leaders do to Make It Happen. Join host, Tim Darnell and gain fresh insights into creating the kinds of income that will give you greater freedom, better choices, and multiple options when you create “Residual, Growing, Lifetime, Walkaway, and Willable” Income through Isagenix!!!

Live webinar from 05.24.2014

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