90 Days to Freedom Starts 08.23.16 !!!

When I tell you who we are partnering with over the next 90 Days, you’re going to go ballistic! Also, you will want to listen to last night’s call featuring Bobby and Michelle Schaffer, and Zach and Eden Slobin. Listen to this call to decide if you’re going to participate in the Tim and Cathy Darnell, (leader that will knock your socks off yet to be named) collaboration. We are going to rock!!!!!!!!!

Go to: http://OurTeamVision.com and look for the podcast from 08.15.16. 30 minutes of absolute greatness. I’ve listened to it twice already!!!

Tim Darnell

Millionaire Mindset Webinar

Mindset Growth Precedes Rewards!

Celebrating our first million dollars in earnings #justgettingstarted

Celebrating our first million dollars in earnings #justgettingstarted

This is an incredibly important training from 06.25.2016 that applies to all facets of our life and especially our business life. The Webinar was for Isagenix Associates, but certainly can apply to anyone in business for themselves, regardless of brand affiliation. #GameChanger #MindsetMentoring #MillionaireMindset


The Power of _______ – Team Freedom Leaders Speak Up!

Once you’ve taken on a leadership role, it’s time to look for others who will step up and establish their own leadership position.  This call is an example of a mechanism that helps people step up to the plate by volunteering to speak on short notice about an important topic. I was highly encouraged to hear each of them do truly excellent jobs!

Out Front!

Out Front!

Network Marketing Top Professional – Kathy Coover’s Powerful Secret to Dynamic Growth and Duplication

This short 10 minute call direct you where to find two of the most profound, important links you’ll ever utilize in building your business. I am elated to share this dynamic information. These links will truly transform your business!

Darnell Dinner San Diego Oct 2014

Isagenix ‘You Plus Two’ w Tim Darnell

Your team will grow much bigger and more quickly when you commit to showing “You Plus Two, Them Plus Two”, the basic Isagenix comp plan – to everybody. Even if a person adamantly tells you that they are only interested in the products, be resolved to share the comp plan as “a matter of obligation.” People fear what they don’t understand, but when they see how simple and profitable enrolling two people can become, they will often be more willing to sharing the powerful Isagenix opportunity!

Daddio's Birthday Family Shot 2014 - Big Six Oh

Five Areas to Master that Will Power Your Business

Tim Darnell is building an Isagenix Team that will soon exceed 10,000 members in less than three short years. Here are five basic areas to master that will help you build a successful business as well!

Notes for this audio training are available by emailing: TimDarnellAC@gmail.com

Monet and Manet, Renoir, etc. Exhilirating to view these historical  masterpieces!

Monet, Van Gogh, Manet, Renoir, etc. Exhilirating to view these historical masterpieces up close!