Tim Darnell – I’m Just a Short, White Guy… Isagenix Training 06.28.2014

Tim & Cathy Darnell

Residual, Growing, Lifetime, Walkaway, Willable Income – Valuable Insights for building your Isagenix business from Six Star Golden Circle, Tim Darnell!

Missed the last few minutes of the recording, but major portion available on this audio!

Tim Darnell

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Make It Happen – Tim Darnell

This 50 minute audio talks about some of the things Isagenix Leaders do to Make It Happen. Join host, Tim Darnell and gain fresh insights into creating the kinds of income that will give you greater freedom, better choices, and multiple options when you create “Residual, Growing, Lifetime, Walkaway, and Willable” Income through Isagenix!!!

Live webinar from 05.24.2014

Tim Darnell – 469-667-3444 cell

Tim Darnell Isagenix – Leaders Comments re NYKO

Emerging Leaders tell about their experience at the Gaylord Texan at NYKO January 9-11. 

Tim Darnell – 469-667-3444 cell

Pic of Cathy and I backstage waiting to be announced #80 income earner for 2013 – first full year in the biz.  #Blessed #justgettingstarted

Tim Cathy Darnell 01.13.14_pp